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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request a custom order?

I am currently unable to take custom orders. Everything I post is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. As I work a full-time job, I find it challenging to accommodate everyone's requests while also dedicating time to express my creativity through creating new pieces.

Why don't you tan your own pelts?

I haven't found a process that yields the quality furs i prefer for my products. The tanning process can affect the furs quality an characteristics. Some furs come back stiff or with unpleasant smells from certain tanneries. I have been using the same tannery for many years, and they do beautiful work. 

Do you ship internationally?

Marine Mammal products cannot be shipped internationally due to the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Can I purchase whole pelts or scraps from you?

No. It requires an immense amount of dedication, time, and effort to hunt, process, and prepare pelts for projects. I take pride in ensuring they are of the highest quality and utilizing them for my sewing projects. Additionally, it's important to note that the Marine Mammal Protection Act does not permit the sale of whole pelts or the use of marine mammal fur, including scraps, for those who do not meet the requirements for obtaining them.


Each artwork I create involves a significant investment of time and utilizes Traditional Indigenous knowledge. I personally hunt and process all seal and sea otter products, covering all costs and the extensive time commitment. Hunting at least one year in advance is necessary for adequate preparation, especially for blankets, as it takes over a year or more to gather enough pelts that match exactly. If fur-sewers reflected the true value of these efforts, prices would easily be double. Handmade Indigenous art in all its forms deserves greater recognition. 

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