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Sea otter fur and Moose Suede Hat

Sea otter fur and Moose Suede Hat


This moose suede and sea otter fur hat fits head sizes up to 23.5" (measured over your ears, around your forehead, and at the nape of your neck, like a headband).


It has nylon strings and a removable/adjustable cord lock, allowing you to use it without tying the strings. Sea otter fur boasts up to one million hairs per square inch, making it the most dense of any mammal, the hat is exceptionally warm and remarkably soft.


I've lined the cap portion with fleece to prevent overheating. In contrast to typical aviator-style hats, this hat features a firmly attached front piece, eliminating the usual flap style and reducing bulkiness. This adjustment ensures it maintains its beautifully balanced shape while reducing bulk. 


The price includes shipping, and shipping is available only within the US.

Color: purple
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